Type of Exhibits: (summary)

The Prism is a securely bonded all-glass vitrine, attached to a minimal metal base frame which conceals hinges, locks and gas support struts. As you can get very close to exhibits the Prism design range is ideal for small or flat intricately detailed exhibits such as coins, manuscripts, books, jewellery, gems, fossils, small archaeology and personal effects. We have also developed the Prism design range to exhibit much longer items such as scrolls.


For an even light, exhibits are best lit externally with two lights positioned above the case at either side shining back across the case, this avoids light reflecting back at viewers and prevents shadows. Where this is not possible or other lighting effects are required we can provide a range of LED or fibre optic light fittings including gantry bars, swan neck or spotlight fittings.

Structural Glass

11.5mm-thick laminated anti-bandit glass conforming to BS5544 and BS EN:356P4. Filtering UV rays between the wavelengths of 320 and 380 nanometres

Base Display Board

The base display board is manufactured from ZF-MDF, which is sealed with a waterbased acrylic lacquer and wrapped in Baumann Ultra IV fabric.


The hinged door is equipped with a pair of fully concealed/embedded Abloy™ high-security locks.

System Extrusions

The showcase structure comprises purpose-designed aluminium extrusions, which are powder coated as standard.


With the Prism design solution the bonding of the glass joints will resist attack and can be stronger than the glass itself. Cases are fitted with concealed hinges and two Abloy™ locks which provide a high level of security and a wide range of keying options. Alarm sensors are easily concealed within the case structure.


The Prism is accessed through the top case structure, which opens upon a purpose built high security integrated hinge with gas struts to support the weight of the glass. Allowing easy and safe access to the objects inside the cabinet, when needed.

External Measurements:

1000h x 1200w x 600d (mm)

Internal Measurements:
300h x 1098w x 498d (mm)

Standard specification: 
low voltage tungsten halogen lamp Lockable


Plinth height – 601
Case Height – 372
Visible Glass – 300

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Front and side panel size:
Front 0000h x 000w x 000d (mm)
Side 0000h x 000w  x 000d (mm)

Loading weight: 
Max 00 Kgs

£450.00 +VAT £18.00 +VAT