About us

Tableau Display was formed by Charles Youngman in 1995. It became a limited company in 1998. With a fleet of well over 1500 units, it is now probably the largest supplier of hired cabinets in the UK; it is still family owned and run. Most of the original customers were auction houses and antique dealers. The design and unique use of polished stainless steel rather than anodized aluminium for the frames of our ‘A Series’ cabinets gave them a much enhanced appearance. This, coupled with the fact that the ‘new boy ’had to try harder when it came to service, quickly built up a following of loyal customers who are by far our most effective sales force.


We offer long and short term display cabinet hire, anything from one hour, a couple weeks or even months. For showcases this means that they will be delivered cleaned and wrapped and we will position them where you want them. We will connect up, plug in and test the lighting, paying particular attention to the safety of cable runs. All you have to do is to arrange your display goods in the cabinets and remove them when you are finished.


In a company that relies on repeat business and on customers who hire from us many times each year, maintaining the highest standards of service is essential. To achieve this, we need trained and dedicated staff and are delighted at the complimentary reports that we receive from customers .From the beginning we were unusual, if not unique in our willingness and ability to tailor cabinets to customers’ particular requirements. Today we offer the widest range of customization, including the latest lighting technology. Our continued dedication to customer service has enabled us to retain the personal touch.


One of our main principles as a company is to never say no. We will deliver anywhere and anytime to work with our customers. We provide on time, clean and professional delivery for all clients, whether it’s up or downstairs, our team of staff have all been with the company for over 10 years so there isn’t anything they haven’t seen. We have a fleet of smaller luton vans accompanied with bigger 12 and 7 ½ tonne lorries to cater for jobs of all sizes, and locations.


As a Company we’ve been in the display cabinet and exhibition industry for over 25 years. And have an extremely dedicated and experienced team of staff behind it, all having worked for us for over 10 years now. We’ve done jobs all around the UK and Europe ranging from Diamond conventions in Geneva, trade shows in Aberdeen, to just a simple home or shop display. The versatility of our range of cabinets coupled with our expertise in the industry allows us to always find a solution and perfect fit for your displays and exhibitions.